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Who We Are

Pentaip is a FinTech startup from Malaysia that focuses on leveraging big data and latest technology to build robo-advisors. Pentaip was founded in March, 2019 and started as a global financial data provider. Till now the team has slowly grown to a total of 14, evolving from a global financial data provider into offering Robo-Advisor Marketplace as an investment tool and service. 

The team is led by two key executives, Founder Mr Yeong Ning who manages the overall operation of the startup including building up the team value as well as executing backend operations for Robo-advisor technology. He was previously in a founding team of Sinergy Exchange, which is 1 out of 3 Crypto Exchange that are approved by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. Alongside Dr Koa, our Chief Technology Officer who holds a PHD in Blockchain he handles all frameworks and architecture of Pentaip’s web and app development.


Our mission in Pentaip is to be the leading provider of Robo-Advisors for the people. We strive to provide better investment tools and solutions for businesses and individuals.


Innovate wealth management to help the people to achieve financial freedom through Robo-Advisors.

What We Do

Built by industry professionals with decades of expertise, we implemented the best trading practices and methodology into our investment AI.

We are launching the World’s First Global Robo Exchange, it is a platform where you can participate and trade in the capital markets through our Robo-Advisors. Through investing in a few Robo portfolio’s, users are able to benefit from letting Robo-Advisors take care of their investments from automated trading to selecting on the best investment in the market.

Our Robo-Advisors offer the users a new source of income and opportunity on reaping the best possible return. Pentaip’s Robo Exchange provides you one stop solution for your investments from account opening to checkout. We take care of your financial wellness and let you take better care of yourself.

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